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& the practice of Dr Zackariah Clement

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At the Gold Coast Breast and Endocrine Surgery, we aim for excellence with a focus on patient-centered, high quality, holistic & complete surgical care.

Dr Zackariah Clement offers a full range of breast cancer surgery & oncolplastic breast reconstruction. He also specialises in cosmetic breast surgery, advanced endocrine surgery and general surgery.

Dr Clement specialises in the assessment & treatment of the following conditions:


Breast Cancer & Benign Breast Conditions

  • Breast cancer - diagnosis, treatment & surveillance

  • Breast cancer surgery

    • Breast conserving surgery  

    • Advanced Oncoplastic surgery & therapeutic mammoplasty

    • Simple, skin & nipple sparing mastectomy

  • Women with high risk family history/genetic mutation for breast cancer

    • Risk Reducing mastectomy & Immediate reconstruction

  • Breast pain and benign breast lumps

  • Nipple discharge

  • Breast symmetrisation surgery

  • Gynaecomastia surgery (Man Boobs)

Comprehensive Breast Reconstruction

  • Partial breast reconstruction - Perforator Flaps

  • Implant-based reconstruction

  • Autologous flaps - tissue based reconstruction

  • Lipofilling/fat grafting

  • Nipple reconstruction

  • Revision Surgery

Cosmetic Breast Surgery

  • Breast augmentation

  • Breast reduction

  • Breast lift

  • Tuberous breast and asymmetry correction

Endocrine & Salivary gland surgery

  • Thyroid, Parathyroid (Minimally invasive surgery)

  • Laparoscopic Adrenal gland surgery

  • Neck dissection

  • Salivary gland surgery

Venous access ports

Some treatment require long term venous access to administer medications, especially chemotherapy for cancer treatment. A venous access device (portacath/Infusaport) is a device consisting of a catheter and a port will be placed under the skin in the upper chest for access. This can be performed as a day surgery procedure under general anaesthetic.

General Surgery

  • Gallbladder surgery (Laparoscopic cholecystectomy)

  • Hernia repair (Open & Laparoscopic)

  • Lipoma

  • Sebaceous cyst

  • Emergency general surgical conditions

Office Ultrasound IS ALSO AVAILABLE


Our Team

Dr Zackariah Clement Breast Cancer Surgeon Gold Coast.

Dr Zackariah Clement - Surgeon

Dr Clement offers a full range of breast cancer surgery, oncoplastic & reconstruction surgery, so you do not have to see another surgeon for your breast reconstruction. He also specialises in cosmetic breast surgery & advanced endocrine surgery.

Meeghan Registered Nurse Gold Coast Breast Endocrine Surgery.

Meeghan - Registered Nurse

Meeghan is a registered nurse with over 10 years of post-graduate experience in nursing. Meeghan completed her Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Western Sydney. She has worked in various specialties including surgery, medicine, and psychiatry in Canberra and Sydney before embarking on her role with the Gold Coast Breast & Endocrine Surgery.

Meeghan is a great listener, and a compassionate nurse with attention to detail. She has a special interest in counselling patients, their families and those that care for them. Going through breast cancer diagnosis and treatment is a very stressful period of your life. As a specialist team, Meeghan and Dr Clement will provide continuity of care, and support you and your family from the time of diagnosis, throughout your treatment and follow-up.